About Us

Yarang Llamisi Foundation (YLF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 2020. YLF is registered in Nigeria and the United Kingdom, solely birthed to equip, educate, enlighten and motivate girls and women of the North Eastern Region of Nigeria and those of Black Minority Ethnics in Manchester, UK. Our main purpose is to reduce the gender inequality gaps around education, tackle mental health awareness, entrepreneurial and vocational skills through an intersectional approach. We believe that our vision will put the target group firmly on the track of literacy through quality formal education, and life skills along with being self-reliant which in turn will make a difference in their lives and the society at large.

“Yarang” means light in Tera language. We chose this name because we believe to educate a girl or woman is to light up not just a community but a nation. Girls and women in the North Eastern Region of Nigeria are usually overlooked when it comes to education, empowerment, and being able to fend for themselves. Acquiring the needed vocational and entrepreneurial skills will set them on the part of starting a sustainable business and contribute to the development of their communities and the economy.

As a result of a lack of good basic education and enlightenment about factors that makes these girls and women achieve their potential, they are pushed into early marriages/honour-based marriages and early pregnancies at tender ages. The cycle can go on through generations leaving them with no hope for a brighter future. This can be changed with quality formal education, vocational, and entrepreneurial training. These are pathways to a better life, poverty alleviation, community improvement, and nationwide development. YLF is committed to providing a consistent and safe environment to nurture the girl’s and women’s social, economic, and cognitive development.

In response to SDG Goal 3, YLF’s intersectional approach will serve as a vanguard that provides support to the marginalized girls and women within the communities in the target region. As part of our commitment, we aim to achieve the following:

  • Reduce the number of girl-child marriages in the region
  • Increase the number of empowered girls and women
  • Reduce infant and child mortality
  • Reduce sexual exploitation among girls
  • Empower girls and women with the quality formal education and skills required
    to become self-reliant
  • Enable healthier and happier families
  • Break the cycle of generational poverty
  • Reduce and eradicate unwanted adolescent pregnancies which can result in serious health implications such as Obstetric Fistula.

Our operational model is made up of three interwoven principles; Education, Vocational, and Entrepreneurial Training. These principles will serve to deliver our vision to the girls and women, convey efficient, resilient, and sustainable programmes.

Our Identity



The new logo/identity conveys the idea of light (Yarang) and education. The simple shapes suggest an open book, sunrise, and two horizontal triangles which is a pattern from the classic and known attire of the Tera land of Yamaltu/Deba LGA in Gombe State. It is an identity especially for the Cultural Dance group called Ngorda.



The new abstract mark suggests a new degree of commitment. The traditional serif lettering for the name helps add authority to the identity.