Free Tutorials

Many children are unable to attend schools due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. There are currently about 1.53 billion students out of school and 184 country-wide school closures. The pandemic has seriously affected all aspects of education. This interruption in education can have serious long-term effects, especially on vulnerable children. There is a huge risk of regression for children who may already be struggling with some subjects at school.

This is why starting from August 2020; Yarang Llamisi Foundation (YLF) will be offering both boys and girls in Zambuk and surrounding areas an opportunity to continue to learn and prepare for their final upcoming examinations. Although our main objective at YLF is to empower girls and women in the North Eastern Region of Nigeria by equipping them with free secondary school education, vocational and entrepreneurial training, we saw the need to offer free tutorials for both boys and girls considering the fact that there is only one mixed secondary school in the community.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, access to formal education is even more important for the children as various life issues are being experienced, like health problems, loss of social interactions, and loss of livelihoods, which leaves children even more vulnerable and unprotected. Being able to provide the tutorials is a priority for YLF as we believe it will help the students carry on learning and prepare them for upcoming examinations.

The tutorials are open to around 100 students starting from August 2020 and they are ongoing. The subjects taught will be – Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Government, Commerce, English Language, English Literature, Economics, and Geography. These subjects will be taught by qualified and experienced teachers and social distancing will be adhered to. The students and tutors will have on face masks, there will be hand sanitizers, hand wash, and water available to ensure government guidelines are followed and to keep the students and tutors safe.