Vocational Training at YLF

As part of our commitment at Yarang Llamisi Foundation (YLF) to empower the girls and women through skills required to become self-reliant.

We aim to offer free vocational and entrepreneurial training along with free secondary education. At YLF, we believe developing the right skills will put these females on the right pathway to success which will enable them to contribute adequately to their communities and the nation at large.


Previous research has shown that vocational training has a positive impact on a person’s employment opportunities. Learning a highly sought-after skill through our free vocational training will enable many girls and women to acquire life skills and knowledge which will help them set up their businesses, create better employment opportunities and income-generating ventures.

The vocational training will also increase the number of empowered females in the community and help break the cycle of generational poverty which is one of our commitments to the communities within the North Eastern Region of Nigeria.

The free vocational training offered at YLF will focus on providing technical knowledge to the young girls and women from the communities with hand-on instructions to prepare them to work efficiently in specific fields. Girls and women will be able to receive training in cake making, photography, soap making, food seasoning making, sewing, knitting, jewelry making, computer skills, and more.

The training will help increase their self-confidence, self-motivation, and self-esteem levels which will help them to communicate effectively and become more assertive.

The benefits of having the vocational training cannot be overemphasized as it is believed that an empowered woman carries not just her family but the whole community along with her. Therefore, YLF is passionate about offering the training to girls and women to brighten theirs and their communities.